The Day He Made Me New

The Day He Made Me New

If you haven’t met her yet, let me introduce you to my friend Rosie. She’s a fellow police wife, new momma, Joyful Pine’s resident order-packer and all around JOY of a human. In light of the upcoming May launch, I asked if she would share her testimony and what it meant to be “made new” by Christ. I am honored to have heard the full length version, and absolutely thrilled that she’s sharing with you all today. Here’s what she says....

It was St. Patrick’s day, 2019. The very first time I had ever gone to church by myself. My heart was broken, my giant, big-fancy wedding plan freshly cancelled & my most important biological relationship absolutely falling apart. I was numb. And sad. But trying hard to listen to my gut….

It had snowed that weekend. You know the kind that gathers quickly during the night & then the next morning is all sparkly, with blue bird skies above? That kind. I took the dogs out & just stood in the snow & sunshine. I closed my eyes & breathed deep while tears rolled down my cheeks. I felt peace about the decisions I was making but was still so very scared.

Both my Fiancé (now Husband) & my cousins were out of town that day & they were the ones I went to church with. But there was no question in my head about whether or not I was going. I promptly got dressed & drove the snowy backroads to town, where I quietly found a spot in the very back of the dark church to sit.

I don’t even remember what was talked about that day, but I remember how I felt. I silently wept through most of the service & felt like I had nothing left within me to do it on my own. So I surrendered. Completely & entirely, surrendered. At the very end of the service, when all heads were bowed & the final prayer was said “Is there anyone here today, who wants to make the choice to give their life to Jesus? To follow Him & make Him the Lord & Savior of your life? Please raise your hand” Without an ounce of hesitation or self control, my hand shot up in the dark. My eyes were still closed & I prayed no one else could see me, but as scared as I was, I kept my hand up. When the prayer was done & the room excused, I walked straight up towards the stage, still weeping, searching for someone to pray with me. Out of nowhere these two old ladies swept me up & prayed over me. It was one of the most powerful moments of my life. They talked with me & prayed with me for awhile afterwards, as I tried to process what just happened.

Upon leaving I called my Fiancé and said “Hey I got Saved today” His reaction was pretty priceless too. It’s been over two years since that day, but my life has been different since. It’s hard to explain how, but as they say “If you know, you know.” My life, my heart & mind have been Made New in the ways I’ve chosen to grow that day; no longer solely relying on my own thoughts, problem-solving, my stubbornness, my shame & my pride.

When the world spins too fast, I try to sit & write. Chat with God about the things I fear, I question, or to simply say thank you for His faithfulness & blessings. I’m a lot more grateful now. My life before was beautiful but my life since, has & will only continue to truly be made new.

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