Today Matters in Eternity Vinyl Sticker (FREE SHIPPING!)

Today Matters in Eternity Vinyl Sticker (FREE SHIPPING!)

  • $3.50

 Sometimes days seem mundane. We wish them away, hoping for a new season but forget this truth: today matters for eternity. You have the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ and salvation. Today holds the potential to change someone else’s eternity. What are you going to do about it? This sticker serves as a colorful reminder that even a mundane day can have lasting Kingdom impact. 

Stick this cutie little reminder on your laptop, water bottle, or virtually anywhere!

High quality, die-cut vinyl makes it long lasting, and at ~ 2.5” wide, it's the perfect size to pair with MORE STICKERS! Because honestly, one isn't enough...

***this item is pre-order and will ship beginning May 14th***


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