When Faithfulness Endures - Psalm 117:2

When Faithfulness Endures - Psalm 117:2

"For great is his love toward us, and the faithfulness of the LORD endures forever..." Psalm 117:2

For some, the word "faithful" hold it's ground. It represents something that has stood the test, and lasted. It's strong and steadfast, put into action by people around us.

Yet all too often, that word comes with a negative feeling. People who were previously labeled as "faithful" have let us down. Now the word feels flimsy. Maybe you've put the word high on a shelf, afraid to trust it, or even to use it, because it's failed you in the past. Like it could work for other people, but it doesn't work for us. The idea that someone would actually BE faithful seems like some hazy, made-up fantasy.

What we often forget is that humans are flawed, and therefore give flawed examples of good things. No offense, fellow human. I'm not 100% faithful in everything all the time either. But I CAN tell you who is: God. 

God doesn't walk away. He doesn't bail, or no-show, or leave. In fact, His nature is exactly the opposite. He leans in. He calls you by name, ever toward Himself. He works on your behalf, on every side. He shows up. Every time. But then again, He's always been there. 

God is faithful. He always has been, and He always will be. Even, and ever so despite our own unfaithfulness. 

He was faithful to Sarah, despite the fact that she took matters into her own hands. 
He was faithful to Joseph, in a foreign land.
He was faithful to Abraham, when He asked for the most difficult sacrifice.
He was faithful to Cain, despite his sin.
He was faithful to Rahab, the woman no one would suspect to be on God's side.

Do not be misled. God wasn't faithful to these people because they were special. Not because of their talents, their linage, or even their obedience. Because those things would mean that we have to earn God's faithfulness toward us. It isn't earned. It's just who He is.

And He is faithful to YOU, my dear friend. In spite of what you've experienced or haven't experienced; despite what you've done or failed to do. He isn't faithful BECAUSE of you, He's faithful FOR you. Look to Him as your example. 
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